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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Clan Rules EmptyFri Jul 13, 2012 7:52 am

Wellcome to MyLittlePony

We are a big family looking for fun,having a great time and making new friends.we play without ally as we like to more on our own capable of making a pvp party
anytime.All your actions reflect upon the clan,therefore you must follow clan rules,not following there rules will result in being expelled from clan.

Clan Ranking
Clan Leader :DarkSouLro
Clan Officers:EvilZnipZnip,Alcon

Clan Rules:
1. You must listen to your clan leader and officers,do exactly as they tell you to do,otherwise you're eligible for kick.
2. You must obey rule #1
3. You must be loyal to your clan and your clan mates,help them when they need.
4. You must respect your clan mates and you'll be respected.Any problem caused by disrespecting a clan member can bring you a kick.
5. You must respect other players (even the noobs) as we don't like PK for no reason.Any member disrespecting other players and PKing for no reason brings damage to clan's image and makes you eligible for kick.
6. This clan loves pvp so coming at mass pvp is somehow a must. We agree you need to farm for items but farming endless and not helping clan in pvp makes you an useless member and you might get kicked after a while.
7. Read the rules again.

We use clan chat mainly for english and we'd like to keep it so.

Clan Rules Forumskillnh9
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Clan Rules
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